Anahata Yoga Retreat Sweden

    Date(s) - 12/08/2019 - 19/08/2019

    Ananda Mandala Sweden


    Summertime is the most beautiful and nurturing time of the year in Sweden and that is why this is an opportunity for you to come to Ananda Mandala, in Småland Sweden to a calming, yet joyous, opening and life changing retreat with Peter Clifford.

    Peter Clifford is a teacher with more than 53 years experience of Yoga practice and teaching. This is an opportunity to dive deeper into the understanding of Yoga (philosophy, meditation, breathing exercises, asanas) and learn valuable tools to include into your everyday life.
    Peter teaches a very rare and old tradition of Anahata Yoga, which maintains the opening of the Heart Chakra as a connecting point between consciousness (Shiva) and Kundalini energy (Shakti) and represents love, compassion, charity and balance.

    He embodies the qualities of grace, humour, compassion and non-judgement, and provides his students with the tools to apply the philosophy of Yoga to all aspects of daily life, to become the creators we were born to be.

    During this retreat the main focus will be on how to reduce burnout, anxiety and stress from our lives, how to literally rewire our brains with life changing techniques and tools.
    The mind reacts to negative thoughts by rewiring itself known as neural plasticity and we can learn how to, with easy techniques, rewire the brain in a positive manner.
    We will learn that all the worry and stress actually becomes an repetitive habit that leads to anxiety and burnout. Not only does it have negative mental and emotional effects on us, but it effects our digestion and immune system to get poorer.
    The Monkey Mind literally destroys the quality of our lives but with the tools you can choose to take back the control over the mind, which is just one of our six senses and step home into your heart, the doorway to our true selves.

    You will discover that there are many ways to work with our mind, one very nurturing way is to dance The Five Element Form in the mornings surrounded by nature. The Five Element Form comes from the Himalaya Mountains of Assam, NE India where it was designed to create health, vitality, energy and longevity in the practitioner.

    Ananda Mandala will provide you with delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals, a lake to swim in, a sauna for some more relaxation and the magic of the Swedish woods. It’s a place with only the nature that whispers and lots of stillness to be found. Take the time to recharge yourself with the energy from the earth and land here, to come back after summer with more strength, support, balance and stability.

    Are you looking for a place where you can recharge, reconnect with yourself and be able to walk into a next chapter of your life with life changing tools and a heart more open, then this is your summer plans for this year !

    Course Fee:

    5000,00 SEK for the 5 day course

    Accommodation & Food (incl. freshly prepared vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner):

    5600,00 SEK for 6 nights in a single bed in a shared room

    Total Retreat Fee:

    10600,00 SEK 

    Location: Ananda Mandala Retreat Center:

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